Friday, October 1, 2010

Wiring is complete!

Whew!  Boy, that took longer than expected.  But, it's pretty sweet.  I've finished all of the connections necessary to install my face plates and outlets.  Basically, I could hook up a battery, tomorrow, and see how it all works. 

The electric closet

So, that's it.  Everything I need for the electric infrastructure is there.  To the left, you can see the openings where my Iport and stereo will go.  I also have to add one 12 volt accessory outlet for the Iport to power the Ipod.  But, that's easy. 

Here is the D.C. circuitry.  Getting that all squared away was tedious but not too difficult. 

I like to keep things super clean and tidy, so if there are any problems, I can go through it and find out where the trouble is.  It's the right way to work. 

And, I added all of the clips necessary to attach the face plates and LED lights.

And, here's what the ceiling boxes look like.

I know it's all probably super boring, but to work it all out and to keep it clean and organized is quite the project.  I'm glad it's over and I have a tremendous amount of satisfaction at having completed that part of the Roving Home. 

I forgot to call the plastic company, today.  The guy said my water tanks would be ready in a week.  They've probably been sitting there, all this time, and now I'll have to wait before getting them, because my job requires me to be in L.A. every day, for the next couple of weeks.

Oh well.  It wasn't in the stars to finish this before my big job.  I'll be in Taiwan until June of next year.  It's going to be an amazing experience, but I'm half excited to go, mainly because I won't be seeing my girl, but also because I've invested all of this time, so far, to try and get the Roving Home completed before leaving, and now it just won't happen.  If I hadn't been called to work for two straight weeks prior to my departure, I think I may have had a chance.  But, I fear that this will be my last post of any substance with respect to the Roving Home. 

If anything changes, I'll let you know.  Come June, this blog will be up and running again, full speed, ahead.  I will dust off the table saw, lube up the drill press, back the rig into the driveway and hit it hard for about 3 weeks.  After that, it's all leisure time. 

Thanks for all of the comments and contribution to my blog.  If it weren't for a few people suggesting that I should set up a blog for this project, I never would have considered it.  But, I'm really glad I did.  The experience has been amazing and will serve as the ultimate scrap book for the Ultimate Roving Home. 


  1. Have a wonderful adventure and we'll see ya here next June!

  2. Looks great! God, I love that iPort idea. Everything's coming together so well for you!

  3. Congrats and best of luck with the new job, and rest assurred that we'll all be here waiting come next June!

  4. If it's bittersweet for us to wait to see the end, I can only imagine it for you! Have a great time in Taiwan!

  5. Good luck, I'm sorry you weren't able to finish the Ultimate Roving Home before you left, but we'll all look forward to next June. Happy travels, see you later.

  6. Hey man, give me a call sometime next week if you are gonna be in L.A!! Maybe we can have lunch one day? I've got something for your iPort and or trip!! ;)

  7. Wishing you the best of everything.

    It's been great to follow along with your initial dreams, thoughts, and ideas then see it start to become reality. I'll be as anxious as you and the rest of your followers here to see you resume next year.

    So have a good winter and I hope your trip is fruitful and enjoyable, and all that you hope.

    Les Lampman
    Whidbey Island, WA

  8. Hey Rob, The wiring looks excellent! Nice clean install as I knew it would be. I have tons of respect for the fact that you maintained your work methods and didn't cut corners to get it done by your departure date. Too many people wouldn't have had that control! Well done!

    Enjoy Taiwan! And as the rest have said, we will be here, still looking forward to each new post and the completion of the Ultimate Roving Home :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  9. I am glad you decided to do the blog also. It has been very interresting and educational. I will be missing it but will tune back in for sure in June. Hope the trip goes well.

    Just one question before you leave. Will the electrical room need a vent or some way to keep it cool? If so how and where will you do that?

    I am so impressed with your workmanship attention to detail. It will all be worth it in the end.

    See ya and best of luck in all that you do.

  10. Heidi, Thanks a bunch! I'll see you, next year!

    Sarah, You can build one, yourself. Just get an Iport face plate and a docking port from the apple store. Each are only about 20 bucks! :)

    Glenn, Much obliged. I'll be joining you in your exploits from the other side of the world! Keep on truckin'!

    Mark, I'm somewhat devastated that I have to walk away from this, mainly because I wanted to leave it as a gift for my girl to use as payback for destroying her garage for the past two months.

    Barbara, I'll spread the word as soon as I arrive home. Thanks for the warm wishes.

    Les, It feels like a Christmas card. I love it! I'll catch up with you in spring. I've greatly appreciated your participation and insightful commentary. I look forward to more, when I resume.

    Mike, critical minds think alike, don't they? I couldn't wake up in 92 square feet and stare at shoddy craftsmanship, day in and day out. If I did, I'd have to swap out my oak walls for padded walls.

    Drew, Thanks for all of the support. I'll be spreading the word when I get back. Be sure to pick up new volumes of the Roving Home webzine at your local internet outlet, come June of next year.

    Thanks to all for the kind words. See ya, next year.

    Steve, I'll give you a call, next week.

  11. Anne,

    Good luck, to you. I'll be reading! :)

  12. Nooooooo! lol...I've been following along and learning so much in order to complete my bus. I don't know a thing about wiring so I'm stuck on that part.
    I'm glad you started this blog too...and I will miss you terribly until next spring!
    I hope your travels are safe and time goes by quickly so WE can get back to work on our..I mean, your Roving Home :o)

  13. I'm a little upset and forgot to comment on your work. Some people might think this is wierd, but your wiring is actually beautiful. There is something about nicely flowing wires curving and connecting so orderly...almost artistic. And it really shows your patience and need to do things correctly and well.
    Nice work :o)))

  14. Ezra,

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes, I'll be back at it in June, so "we'll" be up and running for a full steam ahead completion. With respect to wiring, I'd recommend you head for your local book store, or your favorite on line source to get some books on wiring pointers and tips. It's not brain surgery, and given what you've chosen to jump into, thus far, I'd bet that you can pick up the wiring gig just fine. Ask some friends about it, too. You'd be surprised what friends and family may know, just from working on their own homes and cars. And, I'd have to agree that science can be orderly and artful, all at the same time. Good luck with your build.