Sunday, June 12, 2011

So, that happened!

Whew.  I can hardly believe that my eight month job will finally come to a close, a week from tomorrow.  Working away from home has its pros and cons, that's for sure.  Whereas moving permanently to another land means jumping wholeheartedly into another language and acclimating one's self to a completely new way of life, spending time in a foreign country for a finite period lends itself to a sort of life limbo.  Although, the view from my bedroom isn't too shabby.

Back home, during my free time, I scheme about bettering my life.  I take on home improvement projects.  I focus on solving problems.  Out here, I have used my personal time to explore a new culture, see some sights, etc.  That's definitely not a bad thing, however, sightseeing has a shelf life.  I, like most people, thrive on producing.  I need to create.  That's why I couldn't imagine retiring in front of the TV.  But, I don't have a garage out here.  I don't have my stuff with which to build more stuff.

So I've tried focusing on what I will do upon my arrival, back in the States.  For starters, I'll be rekindling my relationship with my girl, while taking a nice "staycation" with her during the 4th of July weekend.

After that, the van doors will open for business!  The notion of applying all of my newly found goodies to the build has me giddy with excitement!  My only regret is that some of the stores, products and pricing found here in Taiwan just don't exist in California.  I've tried to stuff my stockings with van booty as much as possible, and no doubt the moment will arrive when I'll need something I could have readily found out here.  I'm already cringing at the thought.  Such is life.

One thing my trip has afforded me is time away.  I've had plenty of moments during which I visited the big plan and asked myself all of the pertinent questions once again; things like, "Are you sure that sliding bed frame is a good idea, right on top of the finished wood surface?"

I knew it wasn't, but I thought I'd solve the problem with furniture pads under the frame work.  Upon closer evaluation, it finally occurred to me that the whole thing was just too wonky.  The pads would harm the finish, wear out over time, and the bed apparatus needs to be attached, anyway.

It only took about three months of down time away from The Roving Home to snap out of it and solve this problem, rather than ignoring it and hoping it would go away.

Then, I found these!
Drawer slides, good for 500lbs with a 36" full extension!  
A single bed is 39," but 36" will work just fine!

But I was concerned about pulling the bed out into thin air with the weight of two people on it.  I wasn't digging that scenario even though I'm proud to say I've lost a few pounds since coming out here.  I need to support the end, somehow.  

Sure enough!  I'll be ordering up a couple of these.  

As perfect as that is, the allen wrench deal seems like that would get old in about fifteen seconds.   How does one expedite the process of lowering those feet when the bed is pulled out?


Just snap on an allen key adapter and away we go!

And, if that takes too long, then I'll just keep my little cordless screw gun handy.  But, I'm rather fond of the stealth approach.  Besides, I'm not changing wheels during an Indy Car pit stop, for chrissakes!