Monday, June 7, 2010

Final Design -- Version 2.0

Hey, Apple does it, so I can, too. 

The changes will not stop until the task is complete.  Or, "The floggings will continue until morale improves." 

I'm well aware that sticking to a design is crucial for the success of a very elaborate puzzle.  And, this is a gigantic undertaking.  People are kind of baffled as to why I'm doing it.  The corners of their mouth turn up slightly, smirking with disbelief.  I'm essentially building a house.  All of the same elements of construction and design will contribute to the success of this creative endeavor.  I'm kind of viewing it as part function, part art form, part experience to add to my life's "Book of things I've accomplished."

I really can't allow myself to fail at this task because I've blabbed about it to far too many people  There's no turning back, now. Embarrassment looms over me like a black cloud.

I'm only on this earth one time, so I'd better try all kinds of cool stuff, right?

Enough blabbing...

The overhead cabinets are now going to have a translucent panel in each door.  LED light strips will line the inside edge of the cabinet, giving a glow through the panels at night.  Wired through a separate switch - they will be flipped on only when necessary.  Also, I think the translucence will add depth to the cabinetry that will make the living space seem a bit larger and less confining. 

Behind the dinette, in the background, notice the two raised panels that look like file drawers with finger pulls.  The top one will flip up and the bottom one will flip down, creating a recessed bar with an additional small counter top.  The coffee maker and blender will be in there.   Swanky.  

Now for my next trick.

I'm adding a heater.  I was denying its value for awhile.  My rationale that the 2" insulation would encapsulate enough body heat during the night to make it comfortable is probably wishful thinking.  My girl and I will be going places that can get pretty cold (not necessarily freezing), so I readjusted things to accommodate a necessary creature comfort. 

That's a real flame.  It's like a mini fireplace.  My girl thinks it will add some very nice ambiance, and  I respectfully agree.   

Here's the application


To the right of the heater is the entrance to the bathroom.  The wall tile you can see is not really what's going to end up there.  Four by six inch aluminum tile will line the wall, but that stone texture I've selected is the only one that this program offers that's kind of similar.  It's only a suggestion. 

And finally, the bathroom vanity...


On either side of the mirror you can see the illuminated panels with LED light strips behind them.  On the left, protruding from the wall is the sconce I featured a couple of weeks ago that I converted to 12 volt.  The wood will be very dark and there will be a nice spot light over the sink.  A nice linen shower curtain will wrap about a third of the way around, blocking the doorway and the vanity. 

Oh, and a funny sidebar:  A guy at the airport this weekend saw my fiddling around with the 3d model and asked me if I was an interior designer.  "No," I replied as I flipped my scarf to the other shoulder.  Seriously, he wants to design a room addition and I think I could have swindled a few bucks out of him.  Too bad he lives in Seattle. 

Nonetheless, he complimented the layout, and that was nice to hear.

Okay, done....

...i think. 



  1. I love reading your blog. :) I've lived in my truck for 6 years, here's a link to pictures of my work in progress
    We don't share the same aesthetic, but if you want to chat about it, drop me a line walkingonion at G mail, I'd love to help or answer questions.

  2. Hey "Walking,"

    Thanks a bunch! I actually stumbled across your pictures over a year ago when I began this journey. I found inspiration through your creative use of space. The locker is my favorite part, and a great idea!

  3. Can you put this model on Google SketchUp's 3d Warehouse? Or if you found something to start with can you direct me to it? I'd like to use parts of your model to build my ultimate Roving Art Studio. I don't know if they sell models on there but the dimensions of the various systems and components alone are worth a few dollars I think.

  4. Hey Michael -- Are you suggesting I place my model up for sale in some way? I'm not familiar with how that works. I just used Google Sketchup. There is a youtube tutorial that I watched before diving in - well worth the time.

  5. I think I found the same tutorials:
    I'm not familiar with selling models but the the excellent research you've done in selecting quality, compactness etc... I find compelling. I could use the dimensions and parts list so I can design into my Tiny House on wheels or stealth van. I haven't decided which, but having all the right contents space-planned "is" a major deciding factor.

  6. Michael -- While I'm immensely proud and appreciative that you've found my project worthy of emulating, I've laid it out in pretty precise detail for anyone to use for their own benefit. Beyond that, I can't say I would like to spend the time it would take to assemble a list of parts and manufacturers, along with drawings for you to use. I am considering selling my van upon completion, or using it as a demo for custom builds, based on the response I've gotten from friends and fellow bloggers. I may offer a book on the build at some point in the future, as well, but for now, I hope you understand and appreciate my perspective. I do greatly appreciate your interest.

  7. Sure I understand. You've hit on something important.