Thursday, March 25, 2010

Talkin' Turkey

Let's roll up our shirt sleeves and get down to business.  Let's turn on some soothing tunes, pour a glass of wine and settle in for a bit.


Where do good ideas come from?  They come mostly from a desire for change.  Nomadic tribes got tired of following the herd and began to farm. 

"Hey, wouldn't it be cool to fly?," the Wright brothers proposed.  People thought they were nuts.  And the automobile was considered a passing fad. 

People say, "I sure could use 'x-y-z.'  Oh, that doesn't exist?  Hey, wait a minute....I know, I'll make it!"  An inventor is born.    

If I were independently wealthy, I may not have ever considered a life with The Roving Home.  And I would bet that most people who live in vehicles would not choose, as their first option, a life of van dwelling.

But, reality sets in and we're faced with a challenge.  That's when we ask ourselves, "How can I maximize what I've got?   What are my options here because I need a way out.  I want something better."

As I've said before, I've found a certain fascination with the RV lifestyle for quite some time.  I was already pointed toward this direction.  But, while having a fascination for it, I just never felt I had a reason to make the move.  The one thing holding me back has always been the feasibility of doing this in an urban area.  I wish to remain where I live and I don't really want to leave my career, anytime soon. 

Throughout my journey toward The Roving Home, I've come to realize that I am looking forward to the moment when I can spend my first night in my homemade dwelling.  Honestly, that wasn't always the case.  But the more I disect it and study it and get under its conceptual skin, the more it has grown from a cobbled together survival kit into a fully realized artistic statement.  I have crossed over from building something I need to building something simply because I can.

The craziest part about it all is that the more people I share the idea with, the more I'm realizing that I'm not insane.  Those who listen to what I'm doing don't necessarily cast it off as a crackpot design.  They actually seem to be accepting of the idea, and some even get a vicarious thrill out of following my progress.  And these are people who live in houses and who lead conventional lives.

It's kind of crazy.  I was originally embarassed at the thought, but now I embrace it.

I approach this build not as a last resort or as an escape from something beyond my control, but as a portal through which I will cross into another chapter of my life.  Who knows what this could bring?