Friday, February 19, 2010

Artful Home

I have found that the single greatest challenge in this whole endeavor has been  the notion of interior design.  Sure, I could just build a workbench along one side of the van, stack up my stove and my fridge, put some legs under an army cot and bungee a portable radio to the wall, loose and lopsided.  And, I would be proud of that if I were twelve years old.  But, I'm not.  This will be my home.

I appreciate quality interior design.  I don't believe you have to live in Beverly Hills, The Hamptons or Pacific Heights to create a beautiful space.  A garden can grow anywhere, a can of paint costs about twenty bucks, and the internet is free.  Inspiration is everywhere.

That being said, I still stay up at night wondering just what in the hell I'm going to make.  I know what I want to feel when I open that door to my van and step inside.  And,  I know what kind of lifestyle I want lead with the help of my van.  I know what kind of impression I want to make on those whom I choose to associate with.

I began scouring newsstands, bookstores, websites and catalogues for imagery that turns me on.  I am an info junkie.  The best thing about the design stage of the process is that it's FREE!  And, here are the pictures that I flip through on a daily basis, studying and analyzing.  I break them apart and reassemble them in my mind as some sort of Frankenstein's monster, only one that won't be ugly to look at.  A friend sent me a link to this truck.  I about flipped my lid.  But of course, it's too big.

   But, look at the interior! 

Another friend forwarded a link to this vehicle.  Now you're talkin'.  I love the feel.  It's all about art and creativity.  But, it's a little too rustic in feel, and doesn't quite jibe with my vibe, if you know what I mean. 

RV interiors as designed by manufacturers are generally uninventive.  I'm not sure if it's just because of the kind of individual that's most likely to purchase an RV or just that the designers are lazy or just not creative.  I can't place my finger on it.  But, when I browsed the selection of rigs at my nearest dealership, I just wasn't impressed.  I didn't find the interior energy to be inviting and the flow within is generally horrible.  These, by the way, were being offered for well over $100,000. 

I figured that since my home won't have any windows to suggest anything going on inside other than equipment storage, then perhaps boat design would serve more as an inspiration.  Ah ha!  I stumbled onto something really cool.  There's definitely more romance in sailing.  When did you ever hear anyone react poorly to someone who said, "Oh yeah, I live at the marina," versus "Oh yeah, I live in that truck parked at the corner of Hill and 3rd."  I think the crowd that gravitates to the sailing lifestyle must have something else going on in their hearts, because boat interior design is super cool and very aesthetic.  


So, I found my vibe.                                                        

It's a little bit mission style, a little bit modern, warm and inviting.  I think it's me.  And, lighting is everything.  It's a small space, so I'm toying with LED's due to conservation of battery usage and heat.    Here's a wall sconce idea that I think will look super cool above the dinette, both as a light source and as a place to display my photographs of the places I visit.  I could change out the transparancy at my whim.  Pretty neat, huh? 

Art needs to be function in an environment with no room for waste.


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